Graduate Education Managers Network

A forum for sharing information and expertise in developing effective practices in the management of postgraduate education and research

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Meetings per year 

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The Graduate Education Managers Network (GEM) warmly invites new colleagues to join its community. 

As a Graduate or Doctoral School Manager, Doctoral Training Partnership, Centre for Doctoral Training Manager or similar, you are eligible to subscribe to the network.

What we do

The network runs 6 meetings per year: 

  • 3 free-to-attend online​‘town hall’ meetings based on current challenges faced by the community
  • 1 thematic online seminar where we take a deep dive into an issue across an afternoon of discussion and debate
  • 1 face-to-face workshop, which provides a confidential and collegiate setting in which to share challenges among colleagues
  • A symposium at the UKCGE Annual Conference in the summer.

Our impact

Alongside the personal benefits to members from learning from one another’s experiences, network discussions also inform the Council’s strategy, priorities and good practice guides. 

See, for example:

Everyone needs to grapple with the multiple and changing agendas in the Higher Education sector in ways that suit their local priorities. This network is an opportunity to support colleagues to take some time to understand these agendas and how they impact their local policies and practices and think beyond operations. 
Mary Beth Kneafsey, co-chair UKCGE GEM Network
The Graduate Education Managers’ Network has been a huge help in how I think about issues affecting my institution. 
Ross English, University of Brighton

Who runs the network

Mary Beth Kneafsey

Co-Chair, UKCGE GEM Network | PGR Strategy Manager, University of Glasgow

Kerri Gardiner

Co-Chair, UKCGE GEM Network | Head of the Postgraduate Research Office, University of Cambridge

Rachel Van Krimpen | Doctoral Training Partnership Manager (BBSRC and NERC) | University of Nottingham

Dr Ross English | Manager of the Doctoral College | University of Brighton

Carolyn Wynne | Doctoral College Manager | Coventry University 

Paul Roberts | Head of Business Engagement | University of Sussex

Laura Lane | Graduate School Manager | Imperial College

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